What Encourages Gnats to Stick Around My House?

Much like other types of insects out there that can fly around your yard and your home, swarming you and being general annoyances, gnats can seemingly come out of nowhere and take over. Just like mosquitoes and other bugs you may be familiar with, it is highly possible that something around your yard or your home could be attracting the gnats, keeping them around.

If you’ve caught yourself looking for how to keep gnats away saint simons island information, you will find some of the following tips invaluable when it comes to keeping the annoying bugs away from your home.

Gnat Attractants

Keep an eye out for some of these potential issues around your house or yard that might need attention to get the gnats away:

If you notice any standing water in your yard, this could be one of the big things drawing gnats to your property. Gnats are drawn to water and moisture, and these kinds of environments can be a breeding ground for the bugs.

Gnats are also attracted to body heat, so if you notice yourself seeming to be a beacon for gnats when you are sweaty, this could be why you are attracting gnats to yourself.

Gnats are also attracted to sweet or fruity smells, so if you notice some of the pests flying around inside where you keep your great smelling lotions, soaps, and more, you might consider storing them somewhere a little more airtight so it is not drawing the bugs inside your home.

how to keep gnats away saint simons island

Gnats can be just as annoying as mosquitoes and some of the other flying pests, without the tendency to bite folks. If you want to combat gnats around your home, consider these tips and checking around your home to see if there is something potentially drawing the gnats that needs to be addressed.